The First of (Hopefully) Many

This is the first post of my new blog, The Smokestack. Here I will be talking about a wide array of things that interest me, but don’t be surprised if I spend the majority of posts discussing Magic: The Gathering related topics. I’m a long time player and there is always so much to talk about.

My goal for this blog is to start a few discussions. I do this because I feel there are things that I want others to know, but whats more, I do this because I want to know what everyone else thinks about the things I care so much about. I’m in this to learn, so if I ever say anything that you disagree with or don’t understand, let me know. Leave a comment telling me how wrong I am and hopefully we can start a dialogue.

I will be doing my best to get a new post out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am in the midst of moving out to California at the moment, so things may be a little bumpy to start off, but bear with me.

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